HHB228 Up-turned, Down-turned Brim Block

Highland Hat Blocks

  • £157.00 GBP157.00

HHB228 Up-turned, down-turned Brim approx circumference 56"

Please note most of our blocks can be created in any size so please ask if you would prefer a specific dimension and we will quote accordingly. 

Pic 3 will show you 2 fabulous hats created from this block, these were designed by Anne Macdonald of Head for Hats of Tyne and Wear.  (Please see Anne's review below)

 Pics 4 & 5 Shows the versatility of this block as a very different design created by the very talented milliner Moira O'Toole of M.O.D. Designs. This truly is an amazing design.

Moira is always amazed how a hat can transform a whole look by bringing and air of confidence and elegance to the wearer. 

To view more of Moira's incredible pieces please check her out on Instagram, Facebook or visit Moira in Kilkenny Ireland.