HHB320 Hatinator Hat Block approx 18" or 20" dia available 1 piece or 2 piece

Highland Hat Blocks

  • £177.00 GBP177.00

HHB320 Hatinator Hat Block  18 " & 20" Dia variants of this block also is available in either 1 piece or 2 pieces. The 2 piece will be have an attachable crown allowing you to block as you require.  

Please note most of our blocks can be created in any size, please ask if you would prefer a specific dimension and we will quote accordingly.

The fabulous pics have been shared with us by Julita of Juli's Designs, Julita has really showed the versatility of this wonderful block. Juli creates bespoke millinery using a variety of colour and textures.  See more stunning designs by Juli's Deigns from Louth in Ireland by visiting her Instagram or Facebook page or visit Juli in Ireland.