HHB335 Hatinator Block Variants 8" & 11" Dia

Highland Hat Blocks

  • £52.00 GBP52.00

HHB335 Hatinator Block available in 2 variants approx 8" & 11" Dia

Please note most of our blocks can be created in any size so please ask if you would prefer a specific dimension and we will quote accordingly. 

Pic 3 This piece was beautfully bespoke piece was created on our 11" Dia Block and designed by Rachel of All Dunn Up in the beautiful village of Winkleigh, Devon.

Rachel creates bespoke Fascinators, Hats and Bags in a range of colours and fabrics designing the perfect match to complement and enhance any outfit. See more of Rachels design on Instagram, Facebook or visit her in Devon for the personal touch.