At Highland Hat Blocks we are committed to preserving the environment. The majority of our materials is from locally sourced surplus stock otherwise destined for landfill or disposal. (Unfortunately due to the pandemic we had to buy in bulk from a supplier) Here's hoping we can all return to doing things they way we were used to.

The product used is HBCD Free grey coloured XPS Board. Our Hat Blocks are then hand carved. Any waste materials is re-purposed as a loose insulation material.

June 2020 we introduced a new range of Eco Hat Blocks which are 100% environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable

We hope that our dedication to up-cycling and minimising our carbon footprint not only contributes to the wonderfully creative millinery world but also helps to protect our wonderful environment.

We also use recycled newspaper in our packaging so please take time to glance at the random pages for an insight into events and stories of Bonnie Scotland.


Highland Hat Blocks - Material

We create Hat Blocks made from Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) blue and HBCD Free grey coloured foam board which offers high long-term durability and excellent strength. 

Please note Styrofoam - (EPS) Expanded Polystyrene the traditional white polystyrene used for packaging is a different product.

Used in the same way as wood apart from using dress makers pins which makes pinning easier.

June 2020 we launched our Eco Hat Blocks range these are 100% environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.
They are completely hand crafted using recycled short fibre paper, organic flour and finished using on eco-friendly sealer. 


How to Care and Use your Millinery Block/s

 To ensure a lifetime of use I have listed below a few considerations: - 

  1. Always cover the block in clingfilm before use.
  2. On our XPS Blocks we recommend using silver dress makers pins for fascinators or smaller blocks and 30/32mm coloured headed ones for brims, crowns & hatinators making sure you insert the pins all the way in to hold the material. 
  3. On our Eco Hat Blocks you may require blocking pins but try first. 
  4. For awkward shapes such as the pork pie blocks try pinning a pre-cut length of grey household electrical wire covered in clingfilm into the groove.
  5. Although low heat can be used on the blocks due to the nature of the material please avoid using excessive high heat.
  6. The blocks over time will stain this is normal and does not require any special cleaning.
  7. Use stiffeners and varnishes in the usual way. N.B. Due to the large amount of chemical stiffeners on the market we recommend you test on a small area first.
  8. We do not recommend placing our blocks in ovens and microwaves.


Bespoke Orders

Highland Hat Blocks can create any block in any shape or head size. Please send in your images or drawings to  and we will  quote accordingly for your special hat block.



We apologise in advance if we happen to use an image without prior permission. This is simply an oversight and will be removed as soon as you contact us, We regularly use images sent by our own customers and hope you enjoy seeing their creations.